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A Typical Class


Each class lasts 2 hours and typically follows the format below. Every second class will focus on weapons of some sort, and in this way students will receive a wide exposure to the various tools used in the Bujinkan.

5 mins Warm up
Dynamic stretches and movements designed to teach your body how to move correctly during combat.

10 mins Rolling
– Ukemi  and kaiten, teaching your body how to receive the ground when thrown. Includes rolls, cartwheels and break falls.

10 mins Striking
Punching and kicking; training which often uses pads and also striking with the various weapons.

20 mins Ground Work
Guards, mounts and techniques executed on the ground.

5 mins Shuriken
– Practicing throwing and blocking shuriken and other blades.

10 Mins Break
–  A quick break for some green tea, and a chance for questions or discussion.

10 mins Kihon Happo
– Covering the 8 basic techniques which are the building blocks of the Bujinkan.

45 mins Waza
– Focus on a particular set of techniques, most often following the theme for the year and Shiraishi Sensei's teaching.

5 mins Show & Tell
– Each student demonstrates any technique which they practised during the class.

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