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About the Bujinkan


Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu is a martial arts system which is made up of 9 traditional Japanese Martial Arts Schools or ryuha. It is lead by Soke- Masaaki Hatsumi who lives and teaches in Noda in Japan. Students of the art study a particular type of body movement known as Budo Taijutsu. Though classes sometimes focus on the techniques of an individual school, training is generally principle based, and the techniques of each school are primarily used as a vehicle for studying particular themes and strategies which enable one to control their opponent.

The nine schools or ryuha of the Bujinkan are:

  •    Togakure Ryu- Ninpo

  •    Koto- Ryu- Koppo-jutsu

  •    Gyokko Ryu- Koshijutsu

  •    Kukishinden Happo- Biken

  •    Takagi Yo-shin Ryu- Ju-taijutsu

  •    Kumogakure Ryu- Ninpo- Happo- Biken

  •    Gyokushin Ryu- Ninpo- Happo- Biken

  •    Shinden Fudo Ryu- Dakentaijutsu

  •    Gikan Ryu- Koppo-jutsu

In addition to unarmed combat methods, the Bujinkan also studies various traditional Japanese weapons including Long & Short Sword (Katana &
Wakizashi), Spear (Yari), Halberd (Naginata), Knife (Tanto & Kunai), Long, Medium & Short Staff (Bo, Jo & Hanbo), Rope, & Chain. Thrown weapons are also covered.

Soke Hatsumi Sensei with Shiraishi Sensei
Soke Hatsumi Sensei with Shiraishi Sensei
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