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Bujinkan Blog Roll

In an effort to gather good information in one place for my own easy viewing, the blog roll to the left is updated by rss to show the latest entries from some really good authors. These individuals are providing excellent information and do not flood their feed with seminar or dvd release announcements. I haven't yet found a way for the author to automatically show up in each entry. However, if you click the link for each one, it will bring you to the source site.

I hope it is of some use.

The contributing blogs are listed below in no particular order, and full credit goes to each of the authors. Please visit their blogs directly to support them.

Henka - Doug Wilson
Secret Ninja Asshole - Its a secret
Zeropoint Bujinkan - Rob Renner
Colorado Springs Ninjutsu- Don Roley
Bujinkan Santa Monica - Michael Glenn
Kuma fr - Arnaud Cousergue
Tazzie Devil - Duncan Stewart

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