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Shoki the Demon Queller


The Shoki Dojo is named after the character from Chinese & Japanese legend.

It is said that Shoki lived during the T'ang dynasty in China and that his dream in life was to become a doctor to the Emperor.  He worked diligently towards this goal and completed his training at the top of his class.  Delighted with his results, he traveled to the Imperial Palace where legend says he was presented to the Emperor.

Shoki was an ugly man, and when he was presented at the Royal Court, the Emperor recoiled in disgust. He rejected him eventhough he was the most qualified for the position, stating that he could not have one so ugly in his service. Faced with this hopeless situation of having his dreams shattered; Shoki took his life in shame on the steps before the Emperor.

Upon seeing this, the Emperor was overcome with grief and remorse for what he had said. He ordered that Shoki be buried with the highest honors; honors that were usually reserved for those of royal desent. Shoki's immortal spirit was moved by this gesture and in return he forsook the afterlife and vowed to protect the Emperor's line against demons evermore.

The legend of Shoki traveled to Japan during the Edo period, and a tradition exists today where families hang a picture of Shoki outside of their homes during Children’s day to protect the young ones from demons.

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