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Quality video on the Bujinkan is very rare on public sites such as youtube. Occasionally I come across someting good, and these videos will be posted here.

An interesting documentary
A demonstration (Embu) given in Tokyo in 2013

An excellent demonstration of bo shuriken. Duncan regularly acts as uke for Hatsumi Sensei in Japan. This video was shot in the Hombu Dojo. Duncans blog can be found at


Hatsumi Sensei having some fun with a BBC presenter and film crew. This one is a little tongue and cheek.


Hatsumi Sensei at work.


A trailer for Hatsumi Sensei's Jutte Jutsu DVD.


Hatsumi Sensei.


Hatsumi Sensei at Hombu Dojo.


Hatsumi Sensei at Daikomyosai.

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